Monday, January 23, 2012

The true meaning of "fashion forward." Coordinating dates in NY, London, Paris, and Milan

The fashion forward among you will probably be as relieved as I am to know that New York Fashion Week Finally Has An Official Start Date: September 6th

The back story comes to me via Assaf Romm and Dvorah Marciano. They write as follows.

"So Fashion Week is a concept invented in NYC around 1943 (back then it was called "Press Week") when there was not enough French fashion coming from across the ocean due to the German occupation. Around 1993 it took its current form in which there are a lot of fashion people and media coming to one place to plan their Fall/Spring buys and so on. Furthermore, the Fashion Week was copied by many other cities. Specifically, the main events are the Fashion Weeks in NYC, London, Paris and Milan. These events take place consecutively twice a year (around February for the Fall collection, and around September for the Spring collection of next year): 

"It should be mentioned that these Fashion Weeks compete on fashion buyers, media coverage and even models. For example:

"Apparently, scheduling the Fashion Weeks between the big four cities is an ongoing saga, with dates moving earlier and earlier (...I don't have specific data yet). That's why they signed a three-year agreement in 2008 to determine schedules. Obviously, recently there were some issues with Milan moving its dates to coincide with the NYC and London weeks in September 2012. And it seems like Paris also joined in to the fight:

"Finally, it looks like today a final agreement has been reached: [see top of post]. 

"To conclude, this looks like a great unraveling story, because you obviously cannot move Fashion Weeks too early (well, according to Dvorah, you just cannot introduce new fashion too early, or otherwise it wouldn't be fashionable by the time it reaches the consumers....). Also, it seems like fashion highly depends on information. That is, fashion is a form of art, and it is determined by current events ..."

And here's the International Fashion Week Dates Agreement of 2008

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