Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick links to economics job market candidates, from the NBER

If you are hiring new Ph.D. economists this year, it's time to begin inviting them to interviews at the ASSA meetings in January. If you haven't started doing your homework yet, this big list of candidates from the NBER might help. It lists Ph.D. Candidates in Economics, in alphabetical order from Alabama (1) to Yale (18) (where the numbers in parenthesis are the number of candidates, by my count).

(Some of the NBER's links seem to be from last year, here's Penn State's list for this year (7).)

Sampling from the NBER's big list yields some big producers of new Ph.D.s (and I have surely missed some). But see the ones below, with ten or more new Ph.D.s on the market.
I wouldn't have guessed this order.

Harvard (31), of whom I'm particularly fond of these 5);
NYU (25);
Northwestern (25);
Cornell (24)
MIT (23);
UCLA (21);
UC Davis (20)
Maryland (20):
OSU (20)
Chicago (19);
Columbia (19);
Wisconsin (19);
LSE (18);
Michigan (18);
Yale (18);
Princeton (16);
Stanford (16);
UCSD (15):
BU (14);
Berkeley (13);
Brown (13)
Duke (12);
Penn (12);
Illinois (10);
Minnesota (10);
Rochester (10):
Cal Tech (9) [I know, 9 isn't double digits...]

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