Monday, February 21, 2011

Matching college students to internships

That's the goal of a web based portal called Intern Match.

Here's an announcement about them from TechCrunch: InternMatch Raises $400K To Help Students Find The Perfect Internship

"InternMatch wants to replace the career fair for college students who want internships at small and mid-size companies. On InternMatch’s platform, both internship seekers and employers can search for a match, receive skill and location based matching recommendations, and access tools to manage the application process (i.e. tips for resume creation, internship preparation, and more).

"For companies, InternMatch provides a match guarantee—if an employer doesn’t find an intern within 60 days, they get a full refund. The startup wants to set itself apart from competition by focusing on regional growth and by providing a dead simple UI where students can search and apply to positions without registration. Already, InternMatch has thousands of west coast opportunities are already available."

HT: Eric Budish


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