Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 2010 stories about repugnant transactions (and all time top repugnant transactions)

Repugnant transactions are those that some people don't want other people to engage in. They have had a big effect on which transactions we see, and which we don't. They change over time, sometimes quickly when they start to change, but they persist for a long time. How about these?

Top 5 in 2010

Top 5 of all time
  • Sex (outside of marriage, same sex marriage, pornography prostitution…)
  • Servitude: Slavery and serfdom and indentured servitude, women’s (lack of) rights (wasn’t so repugnant, now very much so)
  • Worship (Inquisition, expulsions, heresy, religious wars)
  • Interest on loans (was repugnant, no longer so much)
  • Alcohol and mind-altering and addictive drugs (makes the list because of all the associated crime)

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