Monday, November 30, 2009

The signaling deadline for the econ job market is tomorrow, Tuesday, at midnight

If you are an economist on the jobmarket, planning to be interviewed at the ASSA meetings in January, and if you haven't submitted your two signals yet, now is the time. You can register and select your signals here.

(For everyone else, here is a description of signaling, it's a process by which job candidates can have the American Economic Association send an indication of particular interest to two potential employers out of the many they have sent applications to. The idea is that a limit to two special signals helps employers sort through the many applications they receive when it is time to decide who to interview at the national meetings in January.)

The deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, at midnight (2400 EST).

The December JOE is out, so there won't be any new job listings before tomorrow.

Now is the time to chat with your advisor, and send your two signals. (It can't hurt and might help, see the paper linked to in yesterday's post.)


Anonymous said...

Hi--Do you have any information on the effectiveness of signalling openings that aren't in the AEA listings (by specifying the e-mail address). As one simple example, HBS's finance department doesn't seem to have advertised in JOE this year. Do you think it's worthwhile to signal such a place? Or might it just be a nuisance since they're not expecting it?

Al Roth said...

I don't have good information on that in general; writeins were too few in number to show up in our survey statistics.