Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why people don't sign organ donor cards

In a report titled The Reluctant Organ Donor, the NY Times wellness blog reports that
"Only 38 percent of licensed drivers are registered to be organ donors, despite the fact that many states offer a simple registration process that typically just requires a signature when obtaining or renewing a driver’s license. An online survey of 5,100 people conducted by the advocacy group Donate Life America found that many people still harbor fears about what organ donation really means.
23 percent of people fear they are not healthy enough or are too old to donate their organs.
50 percent of respondents are concerned that doctors will not try as hard to save them if they are known to be an organ donor.
44 percent believe there is a black market in which people can buy or sell organs or tissue.
57 percent question whether or not a person can recover from brain death."

"Donate Life America is launching a page on Facebook at to make it easier for users to register as donors. Just click on the link and then click on the “Register” tab."


Military Millionaire said...

Those percentages add up to over 100%.

Al Roth said...

well, yes. Each person can be concerned about more than one thing...