Thursday, December 4, 2008

Auctions as tourist attractions

If you never visited the Tokyo morning fish auctions, it may be too late: Tourists banned from famous Tokyo tuna auctions at world's biggest fish market

"Today, Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced a ban on tourists attending the tuna auction, initially for the festive period from December 15 for a month, with a view to extending it in the New Year.
Guards will be deployed at the entrance of the tuna auction inside the market in order to enforce the ban, while hotels, embassies and travel agencies will also be informed in a bid to deter visitors from trying to gain entry.
"We have decided on a total ban as visitors are taking pictures with flash and touching tuna, which gets in the way of bidding," said Akiko Ueyama, a spokeswoman for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government."

Fortunately you can still visit the Dutch flower auction in Aalsmeer.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

No doubt Tokyo is a best attraction for tourist i wish i could plan for Tokyo but this year i have booked cheap umrah tickets to perform umrah with my friends so i can't visit there hopefuly next year i will manage tour of tokyo.