Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The market for beauty queens

Beauty queens are marketed as prizewinners, but they are also employees, as the firing of Miss California makes clear: Donald Trump to Miss California: You're fired.

"Wednesday brought another breathtaking twist to the saga of Carrie Prejean, the now-former Miss California USA who got the ax from the pageant's boss Donald Trump ...for not honoring her pageant commitments.
Trump told that Prejean refused to appear at roughly 30 events to which she was contractually bound. ...

Pageant officials say Tami Farrell, first runner-up to Prejean, will take over those responsibilities. Which, to be honest, nobody really understands. But they sound very important."


long island gal said...

I think Miss California Carrie Prejean deserves to be fired if she is not fulfilling her duties. She has responsibilities and she just can't get away with it whenever she wants.

bowler said...

it's unlikely that Prejean would have neglected her contractual duties since she's been under a microscope for the last month