Sunday, November 25, 2012

Four Harvard students on the economics job market this year (2012-13)

Moving between universities isn't a simple thing: although I'm no longer at Harvard, I'll be helping four Harvard students go on the market this year.

Postdoctoral positions seem to be playing a larger role in the economics job market than they used to; one of the four (Scott Kominers) is going on the market after completing a two year postdoc. Another student of mine (Alex Peysakhovich) is defending this semester but taking a postdoc and planning to go on the general market next year.

On the market this year are Nikhil Agarwal, Stephanie Hurder, Scott Kominers, and Johanna Mollerstrom 

I hope to post a blog about each of them in the coming days (as I did for my students last year), although this year I am busier and later. (Perhaps I'll be able to post a bit about being busy in the next few weeks as well.)  But time and the tide and the job market wait for no man, so keep an eye out for posts on these students.

I'll update this post with links to subsequent posts on these folks.

Stephanie Hurder on Occupation Choice, Spouse Choice, and Family Labor Supply

Scott Kominers on designing matching markets for diversity

Johanna Mollerstrom on Quotas and Cooperation

update: and here's where they went--

Update on those Four Harvard students on the economics job market this year (2012-13)

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Harvard grads have the upper hand whan looking for a job most likely the job will find them instead. I wonder what the unemployment rate is for harvard grades maybe 1%.