Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breast milk exchange?

Ben Greiner writes:

This might be an interesting upcoming story on repugnance: Due to the general positive effects, but also the social pressure to breast feed, there seems to be a developing exchange market for breast milk. For example there are organizations like


who actively promote breast milk sharing, in particular also with strangers over the internet and/or facebook.

However, in particular in the U.S. mothers are starting to ask for money in exchange for breast milk. There also seem to be stories about some mothers diluting their breast milk with water to make more money out of them. Another issue is hygiene and sterilization.

So I guess in short or long there will be a discussion about whether it is ok to share or even sell breast milk, and if trade is allowed, about how to regulate this trade given baby safety risks etc.


dWj said...

My wife used two of these, mostly through their facebook pages. She also met at least one person at a La Leche League meeting, though LLL doesn't officially endorse the practice.

escorts madrid said...

What?! This is disgusting! What next, milking women?