Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Matching in the EU: Market Failures and Solutions

The Bellaterra Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is the center of matching and market design this week, with two conferences.

Scientific Comittee: Estelle Cantillon (ECARES), Antonio Miralles (UAB-MOVE) and Péter Biro (HAS)
Program: download pdf
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November 16: The European Science Foundation is sponsoring a workshop called

Matching in the EU: Market Failures and Solutions
Convened by: Péter Biró, Estelle Cantillon and Flip Klijn

"The proposed workshop (and future research) is exploratory and novel as it focuses on the frontiers at the interface of matching theory, laboratory experiments, empirical analysis and market design / policy making. The goal is to bring together active researchers from different fields to systematically explore the current European practices in student admissions (primary, secondary, and higher), entry-level professional labour markets, and other matching markets. We aim to find out
- which clearinghouses and decentralized matching markets are at work in the EU;
- what are the economical and social implications of the different policies;
- which problems (if any) are experienced by the matching schemes;
- how market failures can be solved; and
- how cultural differences between different EU countries do or should play a role in the redesign of the matching markets that experience failures."

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