Saturday, February 23, 2019

The unbundling of hotel services--marketplaces for luggage storage

Airbnb is remarkable for the way it has become a major competitor to hotels, by deploying properties that were designed (and may be zoned) as private residences.  In doing so, it has separated the lodging services that hotels provide from some of the other services, like lounges, restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, and ... luggage storage.  So what are you to do if your plane arrives hours before your airbnb is ready, or if you have time to kill after checkout time?

There's an app for that: Lifehacker has the rundown.
How to Temporarily Store Your Luggage When You're Staying at an Airbnb

There's Stasher, for "Luggage storage in trusted shops & hotels
Book on-demand at a low daily rate"

And Bounce: "Bounce: Bag Storage Everywhere--On-demand storage & delivery".

Luggage Hero: "Store your luggage in a local shop"

and in Europe, Nannybag.

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