Monday, February 4, 2019

Kidney exchange in Israel using Itai Ashlagi's software

My colleague Itai Ashlagi has been inventing, building, distributing and updating state of the art kidney exchange software ever since he came to Harvard, some years ago. Since then he's been at MIT, and now Stanford, but this recent article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency about how his software is propagating in Israel still thinks he's at Harvard:

New program finds donors for complicated kidney transplant patients

"JERUSALEM (JTA) — Kidney transplant patients who have had a hard time finding a match will have another opportunity through a new unit at an Israeli hospital.

"Kidney transplant patients who suffer from high levels of antibodies due to previous transplants or blood donations can go for many years without finding a suitable donor. A new and advanced software program can be used to cross-check through advanced information systems from hospitals in Israel and around the world.

"The program, developed by Professor Itai Ashlagi of Harvard University, was donated to the Matnat Chaim organization and will be operated out of Beilinson Hospital’s Department of Transplantation in Petach Tikvah, in central Israel."

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