Friday, April 28, 2017

Israel transplant investigation

The Israeli organization Matnat Chaim (Gift of Life), founded by Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber, is under investigation about whether it encouraged families to contribute to the organization in order to receive a shorter waiting time for a kidney transplant.

Organ donor organization suspected of moving donors to head of line for money
Police currently investigating an organization specializing in organ donor mediation, on suspicion of receiving money to provide donors with organs before others in line for transplants.
Omri Efraim & Rotem Elizera|Published:  31.03.17 , 15:06

"Israel Police is carrying on an investigation into Matnat Chaim, an organization that helps find organ donations for those in need of a transplant. The investigation is centered on claims that the organization charged for a "donation" intended to push forward those who paid it, despite there being other people in front of them in line waiting for the same organ donation.
"The police stressed that the investigation is a very delicate one, involving people who are suspected of paying the extra fee out of a wish to facilitate a vital transplant that for a member of their family.

Matnat Chaim stated that "We know nothing about the investigation carried against (the organization—ed), and so we do not find it necessary to respond." The organization has so far aided in some 400 transplants in Israel. It only works with organ donors wishing to donate organs for zero pay."
Here's another story with a bit more detail:

Police launch inquiry into kidney transplant organizationCops investigating claims that Matnat Chaim bumped patients to top of recipient list in exchange for donations

"The probe follows a complaint from the Health Ministry that recipients were bumped to the top of the list in exchange for donations to the organization.

Police have taken evidence from organ recipients, their families and other sources in the ongoing investigation.

A police spokesperson explained that the investigation was complex and sensitive. The organization is suspected of encouraging relatives of those in need of transplants to make donations to the organization in order to shorten the waiting time to receive a kidney.
"Over 400 healthy people have donated a kidney through the organization.
"In the past, the organization has said that it had never agreed to accept donations in exchange for promoting a patient in the waiting list. It said that “it completely rejects any suggestion of any hint of wrong-doing.”

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