Sunday, April 9, 2017

College admissions in Denmark

There is a centralized college admissions system in Denmark, the KOT:
How to apply for a higher education programme in Denmark

Here's a recent article (in Danish) which I think says that the KOT uses a deferred acceptance algorithm:
Nobelprisvindende algoritme afgør, om du kommer ind på drømmestudiet

Google translate:
Nobel Prize-winning algorithm determines whether you enter the dreams studio
"Every year, nearly 100,000 young people into education via KOT, and there are many myths about how the coveted student places are allocated. Some think that it helps to think strategically with the priorities, but in fact is honesty the best strategy. There is namely a clever algorithm behind the distribution, which guarantees you a place on the best possible education, writes Troels Bjerre Lund, associate professor at the ITU."

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