Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another long kidney chain: 56 people, 28 transplants

Non-simultaneous chains started by non-directed donors have assumed a large role in American kidney exchange for a number of reasons (on which, see e.g. here, and here...). The average chain isn't too long (about 5 or 6 in some of the exchanges with which Itai Ashlagi and I have been working lately), but the longest chains can be quite long. Here are some reports (a press release, another press release, and a news story) of one of those, organized by the National Kidney Registry, which included 56 people (28 donors and 28 recipients).

Here's an excerpt from the U. Penn release:

"Earlier this month, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the National Kidney Registry, in partnership with 18 transplant centers across the country, successfully completed the second largest kidney exchange in history and the largest to be concluded in under 40 days. Dubbed Chain 221, the swap involved 56 participants (28 donors and 28 recipients).  "

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