Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nobel Museum display

Olof Somell writes to me from the Nobel Museum in Stockholm:

Dear Professor Roth, 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your donation of artifacts to our collections. We at the Nobel Museum now showcase your "Mr. Matching t-shirt" in a display with artifacts donated by last years Nobel laureates. I attach a few photos from the display (apologies for the somewhat poor resolution). Also in the display you see for instance a piece of art from the European Union, a book collection from Mo Yen and pipettes from Shinya Yamanaka. 

Best regards
Olof Somell

Olof Somell
Subject specialist, economics

The Nobel Museum
Box 2245
SE-103 16 Stockholm

In earlier correspondence, soliciting an artifact, he wrote to me describing some previous contributions (email of Friday Nov 2 2012):

"To illustrate: two years ago Professor Diamond presented us with a baseball shirt custom made by his graduate students, citing his long-time devotion to the Red Sox and the link between calculating batting averages as a child and his later interest in statistics and economics. Last year Professor Sargent presented us with a Hard times token given to him by his grandfather: an object that sparked his interest in economics. "

If I recall correctly, I gave them two T-shirts given to me by my students and postdocs at a surprise 50th birthday party, the one shown (which is a picture of me over the caption "Mr Matching") and one showing pictures of all of them...

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Joshua Gans said...

And there I thought you might have gone with an unmatched kidney.