Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yan Chen chosen president-elect of Economic Science Association

Here's the announcement from the University of Michigan (one will come from the ESA after the international meetings in Zurich this summer):
Yan Chen chosen president-elect of Economic Science Association

Professor Yan Chen has been chosen as the president-elect of the Economic Science Association (ESA), a professional organization devoted to using controlled experiments to learn about economic behavior.

Experimental methods allow researchers to control economic institutions, information, policies, and other important variables, both in the laboratory and in the field. Experiments have provided important information about economic behavior in a variety of subdisciplines of economics, including game theory, consumer behavior, industrial organization, public finance, and labor economics.

The ESA membership includes economists interested in the results of such experiments, as well as scholars in psychology, business, political science, and other related fields. The association publishes a quarterly journal, Experimental Economics, sponsors conferences, and maintains online discussion groups for its members.

The president-elect serves for two years, followed by two years as president. Among Chen’s responsibilities as president will be the planning of the annual meeting and oversight of the association’s journals. She is currently a member of the association's executive committee, serving a three-year term which was to end in 2015.

The association’s current president, Al Roth, won the Nobel Memorial Prize for economics in 2012.

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