Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paul Milgrom's Wikipedia page (and 65th birthday present)

Today is Paul Milgrom's 65th birthday, and is the second day of a conference in his honor that has brought his students and other admirers from all over the world. Joshua Gans led the creation of the birthday present, which involved bringing  Paul Milgrom's Wikipedia page up to snuff. As Joshua announced at the dinner last night, it is presently the longest Wikipedia page for any living economist (maybe for any economist, I didn't get that clear...). Here's a picture of it being presented to Paul in scroll form, held up by those of his students who were present:
Paul' Milgrom's Wikipedia page, printed out for his birthday

 It's a great celebration of Paul's remarkable career, at its midpoint.

Happy birthday, Paul.
Paul Milgrom, rebutting all the toasts in his honor


Anonymous said...

Why is there no mention of Fleiner (2003) Math of Operations Research in the wikipedia page. This is the first paper to study matching with contracts.

Anonymous said...

Note that

Roth, A.E. (1984): “Stability and Polarization of Interests in Job Matching.” Econometrica, 52: 47–57

is the first paper to consider matching with contracts.

Just to correct the above statement.

Anonymous said...

However, the Hatfield-Milgrom model can be embedded into the Kelso-Crawford (1982) model, as Echenique showed (2012, AER), just to make the history of this problem more complicated...

Regarding the first comment, I agree that the vast majority of Halfield and Milgrom's results can be found in Fleiner's MOR paper (and in his thesis from 2000 as well), with different terminology though.