Sunday, April 7, 2013

Marketing gurus: how would you advertise the need for organ donors?

You can see how the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services does it at

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Kenneth Durril said...

This would be better as a moral appeal from teachers, clergy, politicians, or community leaders. While I like professional athletes, they are not moral authorities. A far greater number of the public can identify with one of these positions and accept their moral argument for its benefits.
Given the personal and local aspects of community leaders that have the authority to make this argument, a local approach may be more beneficial. However, this would probably mean that Health and Human Services sets guidelines for a promotion and then asks the crowd to make its own appeals. Whether by Youtube video or by speaking in public, the publicly produced content can scale the volume of the message pretty quickly and with greater salience.
Increase audience engagement through a competition for the best public service announcement video. This could be a means to teach children about making public appeals and civic engagement. Include a lesson plan and secondary school teachers will run with it.
It is hard to oversell the value of organ donation. So have fun and reach people before tragedy strikes.