Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Signaling (by candidates) and advertising (by employers) on the Economics job market

John Cawley has been carefully reading the ads in Job Openings for Economists, and he notices that advertisers have been taking explicit note of the signaling mechanism in the economics job market.

He notes:
"University College London writes in their JOE ad that: "We will pay particular attention to the applications of candidates who have signalled their interest in UCL through the AEA signalling system."

and the JOE ad for U Mass - Amherst states: Candidates will be interviewed at ASSA (Denver) and are encouraged to use AEA signaling.

(Here's a direct link to our recent paper:
The Job Market for New Economists: A Market Design Perspective, by Peter Coles, John Cawley, Phillip B. Levine, Muriel Niederle, Alvin E. Roth, and John J. Siegfried (Journal of Economic Perspectives—Volume 24, Number 4—Fall 2010—Pages 187–206) )

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Adjunct Jobs said...


On December 3, the AEA will transmit these signals to the departments a candidate has chosen. Signals will not be made public. Employers do not need to do anything to register to receive signals, signals will be sent automatically to the email address provided at the time the JOE listing was submitted. Thanks...