Saturday, November 13, 2010

Economics "Grand Challenge" white papers

The American Economic Association has published what appears to be the full set of 'white papers' in Economics submitted to the NSF in reply to their earlier request:

"Grand Challenge" White Papers for Future Research in the Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences

There are 48 short papers, from Acemoglu to Weir, two with market design in the title:

Cramton, Peter Market Design: Harnessing Market Methods to Improve Resource Allocation

Roth, Al Market Design: Understanding markets well enough to fix them when they’re broken

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dWj said...

At least at first glance, "Robustness and Fragility of Markets: Research at the Interface of Economics and Computer Science" looks relevant to this blog as well. (As, to varying degrees, do a few others, but this one seems the most directly on-topic.)