Saturday, February 3, 2024

Report card on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration

 Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration sounds like a good goal for border control in the U.S.  It isn't what is happening, but there's been some progress.  The Center for Migration Studies brings us up to date with a report and a report card.

US Compliance with the Global Compact on Migration: A Mixed Record. Center for Migration Studies of New York, February 2, 2024

"When the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration (GCM)[1] was agreed to in December 2018, the United States (US) was not a party to the agreement, as the Trump administration did not formally participate in its formation. In 2021, however, the Biden administration retroactively supported[2] the nonbinding GCM and began participating in its implementation.

"Since that time, the US has achieved a mixed record of adhering to the provisions of the GCM, a document which creates a multilateral framework for the international community to humanely manage migration flows. Moreover, proposed changes to US border policy threaten to further sully the US record on migration. The following is an examination of US immigration policies and how they measure up to the provisions of the GCM.


"III. Conclusion

"Since it signaled support for the GCM in 2021, the United States has deployed several policies which are consistent with its goals. However, the use of restrictive enforcement policies, particularly at the US-Mexico border, has tainted its record. Should Congress adopt several additional restrictive enforcement policies in the near future, it would severely undermine, if not eviscerate, the progress the US has made in implementing humane and lawful immigration policies over the past few years. It also would send a message to the world that such restrictive policies are acceptable and appropriate, leading to a global retrenchment from the goals of the GCM in the years ahead.

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