Thursday, July 8, 2021

Kidney exchange, arranged the old fashioned way

 Before the modern organization of kidney exchange developed in the early years of this century, using databases and algorithms, and connecting potentially widely dispersed patients and donors, a literal handful of kidney exchanges were arranged by hand and happenstance.  Alongside the thousands of exchanges that now happen, happenstance can still happen too. Here's a recent story from the Washington Post:

Two women chatted in a bathroom. They soon realized they were each a match for the other’s husband, who needed a kidney.  By Cathy Free

"Antibody tests revealed that each woman was an excellent match for the other’s spouse.

"So in March, seven months after that chance conversation, Wimbush donated one of her kidneys to Lance Ellis, 41, and Susan Ellis donated one of hers to Rodney Wimbush, 45."

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