Thursday, April 16, 2020

Corona lockdown, and the food supply chain in India, by Matt Lowe and Ben Roth

Matt Lowe and Ben Roth look at the effect of India's corona virus lockdown on the food arriving at the big wholesale produce market in Delhi.  They describe breakdowns in the supply chains.

Arrivals Dropped 50% Post Lockdown. When Will Azadpur Mandi’s Supply Return to Normal?
Since the lockdown has been extended till May 3, it has become all the more crucial for the government to intervene and ensure that the broader food supply chain operates smoothly. 

"The disruption can already be seen in Delhi’s (and Asia’s) largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market – the Azadpur mandi – which has seen a precipitous decline in the volume of fruits and vegetables flowing through the market.

"Relative to the three prior years, the volume of produce arriving at Azadpur fell by about half on March 24, and has hovered at around that level since (Figure 1).

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