Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Urology Residency Match

Yesterday was Match Day for urologists, a medical specialty that runs its own residency match, in advance of the NRMP.

They write: "This year's Match once again proved urology is a competitive specialty for aspiring young physicians. More than 430 applicants registered for the 2019 SAU/AUA Urology Residency Match. Of those who registered, 90 percent submitted preference lists, competing for a record 339 available positions across the country. When the matching algorithm was processed, 85 percent matched to a vacancy within 136 registered and accredited U.S. training programs, leaving only nine vacancies unmatched."

Here are the statistics from the AUA's web page:

Urology Residency Match Statistics

There are 137 non-military accredited urology residency programs in the United States. (Military programs cannot participate due to government regulations regarding eligibility.) For 2019, 135 non-military accredited urology residency programs in the United States listed 339 positions with 330 vacancies being matched. 389 applicants submitted preference lists netting 59 unmatched applicants. Of the senior medical students in the U.S. applying, 91% percent were matched.
Jan 2019Jan 2018Jan 2017Jan 2016Jan 2015Jan 2014Jan 2013
Positions Offered339325319295296285279
Positions Filled330314317294295285279
Positions Open91121100
Lists Submitted389402422417433446434
Ranked by Programs368369385373388420400
Not Matched5988105123138161155
Averages and Match Results
Average Applications71.
Average Interviews37.
Average Offers14.8513.7811.7711.3512.239.358.87
US Seniors Matched91%86%82%77%77%68%69%
US Graduates Matched78%43%47%47%43%15%33%
Int'l Graduates Matched58%24%33%17%31%24%23%
Women Matched83%75%75%68%68%65%68%
And here's some process data from the pdf:

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