Friday, January 4, 2019

The history of economic engineering, and other sessions at the ASSA today that I'll attend or wish I could

At the ASSA meetings this morning, I'll be discussing a session called

Economics and Engineering: Institutions, Practices and Cultures

Paper Session

 Friday, Jan. 4, 2019   8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

 Hilton Atlanta, 405
·       Chair: Pedro Garcia DuarteUniversity of São Paulo


Engineering, Management Science, and American Economics, 1900 – 1940

Engineering and Economics at Stanford, 1950-1990

Beatrice Cherrier
University of Cergy-Pontoise and CNRS
Aurélien Saïdi
Paris Nanterre University and ESCP Europe

German Fears in Economic Engineering: An Affective Criticism

Till Duppe
University of Québec-Montréal

Alvin Roth
I can't yet be sure what I'll say, but in my discussion of engineering and economics at Stanford I'll surely show a photo or two of Bob Wilson, maybe this old one:
Bob Wilson and Al Roth, Stanford IMSSS, 197x

Later in the day (after some job-market interviewing) I plan to attend the

AEA/AFA Joint Luncheon

 Friday, Jan. 4, 2019   12:30 PM - 2:15 PM

 Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Imperial Ballroom
Hosted By: American Economic Association & American Finance Association
  • Chair: Ben Bernanke, Brookings Institution

  • Speaker: Susan Athey, Stanford University: The Impact of Machine Learning on Econometrics and Economics
  • ************
Since I haven't figured out how to be in two places at once, I'll miss

Putting the "Ec" in Tech: Economics at Tech Firms

Paper Session

 Friday, Jan. 4, 2019   12:30 PM - 2:15 PM

 Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Marquis Ballroom A
  • Chair: Carolyn EvansIntel Corp.

A Machine Learned, Real Time Measure of the Rate of Inflation

Patrick Bajari
University of Washington
Victor Chernozhukov
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ramon Huerta
University of California-San Diego
Ashish Mishra
Bernhard Schoelkopf
Max Planck Institute
  • Later, if the creeks don't rise, I hope to attend
  • Market Design for Online Platforms

     Friday, Jan. 4, 2019   2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

     Hilton Atlanta, 223
    ·       Chair: Yan ChenUniversity of Michigan

    Toward an Understanding of the Economics of Apologies: Evidence from a Large-scale Natural Field Experiment

    Basil Halperin
    Uber Technologies Inc
    Benjamin Ho
    Vassar College
    John A. List
    University of Chicago, NBER, Uber Technologies Inc.
    Ian Muir
    Uber Technologies Inc
    ·        View Abstract

    The Design of Feedback Revision Rules - An Experimental Study

    Gary Bolton
    University of Texas-Dallas
    Kevin Breuer
    University of Cologne
    Ben Greiner
    Vienna University of Economics and Business
    Axel Ockenfels
    University of Cologne
    ·        View Abstract

    Team Competition and Driver Productivity in Ride-sharing: A Natural Field Experiment at Didi

    Wei Ai
    University of Michigan
    Yan Chen
    University of Michigan
    Qiaozhu Mei
    University of Michigan
    Jieping Ye
    University of Michigan and Didi Chuxing Inc.
    Lingyo Zhang
    Didi Chuxing Inc.
    ·        View Abstract
    Laura Gee
    Tufts University
    Chiara Farronato
    Harvard University
    Stephanie Wang
    University of Pittsburgh
    Chenyu Yang
    University of Rochester
  • and at 4:45
  • Richard T. Ely Lecture Presiding: Ben Bernanke Speaker: David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Topic: Work of the Past, Work of the Future

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