Thursday, February 25, 2016

Resolving the Organ Shortage, American Society of Transplantation Cutting Edge of Transplantation Conference

I'm heading to Phoenix today, for the American Society of Transplantation Conference: CEOT 2016: RESOLVING THE ORGAN SHORTAGE: Practice, Policy, and Politics. February 25-27, 2016

Here's the program.

I'll be participating in this Friday pair of sessions:

Session 4, Part 1:  Removing Disincentives and Exploring Controversies of Incentives
Co-Moderators: Robert S. Gaston, MD, FAST, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and
Larry B. Melton, MD, PhD, FAST, Dallas Nephrology Associates
11:00 am
World and Historical Perspectives
John Gill, MD, MS, FAST, The University of British Columbia
11:30 amUndue Incentives and Repugnant Transactions: One Economist’s Perspective
Alvin Roth, PhD, Stanford University
Nobel Laureate
12:00 pm
Bioethical Perspectives on Incentivizing Organ Donation and the Impact of NOTA on Pilot Projects
I. Glenn Cohen, JD, Harvard Law School
12:30 pmWhat is an Incentive and a Critical Appraisal of Possible Pilot Trials of Incentives in Organ Donation?
Robert S. Gaston, MD, FAST, University of Alabama at Birmingham and
Daniel R. Salomon, MD, Scripps Research Institute
1:00 - 1:15 pm
Pick Up Lunch and Proceed to Workshop
1:15 - 3:15 pm
Session 4, Part 2:  Luncheon Workshop
Discussing the Spectrum of Disincentives and Incentives:
Where Do You Stand?
Afternoon Session with Audience Engagement: A structured discussion of the all issues related to disincentives and the implementation of incentives, with the goal of guiding AST's direction in the future and drafting a position document on the subject.
Moderators: Robert S. Gaston, MD, FAST,  University of Alabama at Birmingham and Larry Melton, MD, PhD, FAST, Hackensack University Medical Center and Daniel R. Salomon, MD, Scripps Research Institute

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