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World Congress of the Econometric Society : 17th to 21st August 2015 in Montreal

11th World Congress of the Econometric Society : 17th to 21st August 2015
Montréal, Canada

There's lots of market design among the featured lectures so far:

Econometric Society:
Paper submission (Deadline for submissions: February 15, 2015):

Scientific Program Committee

  • Bo Honoré (Princeton University)
  • Ariel Pakes (Harvard University)
  • Monika Piazzesi (Stanford University)
  • Larry Samuelson (Yale University)

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Jean-Marie Dufour, Chair (McGill University)
  • Marine Carrasco (Université de Montréal)
  • Rui Castro (Université de Montréal)
  • Russell Davidson (McGill University)
  • Georges Dionne (HEC Montréal)
  • Prosper Dovonon (Concordia University)
  • Alain Guay (Université du Québec Montréal)
  • Lynda Khalaf (Carleton University and CIREQ)
  • Ngo van Long (McGill University)
  • Marc Henry (Pensylvania State University and Université de Montréal)

Named Lectures:

  • Predidential : Robert Porter (Nothwestern University)
        "Empirical Analysis in Auction Design" (Chair: Robert Wilson)
  • Cowles Lecture: Elie Tamer (Nothwestern University)
        "Sensitivity Analysis in Econometric Models"
        (Chair: Donald W. K. Andrews)
  • Frisch Lecture: Alvin E. Roth (Stanford University)
        "Kidney Exchange: New Developments and Frontiers" (Chair: Robert Wilson)
  • Walras/Bowley Lecture - Per Krusell (Stockhom University):
        "Climate Change Around the World"
  • Fisher-Schultz Lecture: Darrell Duffie (Stanford University)
        "The Design and Efficiency of Over-the-Counter Financial Markets" (Chair: John Geanakoplos)

Invited Talks:

  • 1. Industrial Organization
  • Matthew Gentzkow (University of Chicago):
    “Competition and Persuasion”
    Michael D. Whinston (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):
    “Recent Advances in the Empirics of Vertical Contracting”

    Discussant: John Asker (University of California, Los Angeles)

  • 2. Macroeonometrics
  • Ulrich Mueller (Princeton University)
    "Ultra Low-Frequency Econometrics"
    Harald Uhlig (University of Chicago):
    “Shocks and Sharpe Ratios: Recent Advances in Empirical Macroeconomics”

    Discussant: Frank Schorfheide (University of Pennsylvania)

  • 3. Agency problems
  • Johannes Horner (Yale University):
    “Learning and Experimentation”
    Igal Hendel (Northwestern University):
    “Dynamic Contracting in Insurance”

    Discussant: Bernard Salanié (Columbia University)

  • 4. Big Data
  • Serena Ng (Columbia University)
    "Opportunities and Challenges: lessons from analyzing terabytes of data"
    Jesse Shapiro (University of Chicago)
    "Social Science with Big Data"

    Discussant: Christian Hansen (Chicago Booth)

  • 5. Matching
  • Fuhito Kohjima (Stanford University):
    “Recent Developments in Matching Theory and their Practical Applications”
    Parag Pathak (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):
    “Designing School Assignment Mechanisms”

    Discussant: Federico Echenique (California Institute of Technology)

  • 6. Partially Identified Models
  • Azeem Shaikh (University of Chicago)
    "Practical and theoretical advances in inference for partially identified models"
    Kate Ho (Columbia University)
    "Partial Identification in Applied Research: Benefits and Challenges"

    Discussant: Jack Porter (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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