Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Increasing access to transplantation: my talk at the World Transplant Congress

In my talk at the WTC, I focused on increasing access to transplantation.

For increasing access to kidney exchange I proposed
Learn from best practices, and develop new ones
1. Allow non-simultaneous chains to be long when needed
2. Make it safe for transplant centers to enroll easy to match pairs, including compatible pairs
3. Reduce financial barriers to participation by transplant centers (introduce a standard acquisition charge?)
4. Consider International kidney exchange
5. Consider NDD chains initiated by deceased donors

I also spoke about repugnant transactions and how they change over time, and about
Removing disincentives to donation, and providing incentives
Without exploiting the poor and vulnerable
Israeli model: priorities and reimbursed lost wages
Continued discussion of disincentives and providing incentives in ways that will ease the shortage of organs without leading to exploitation

Frank Delmonico, in his Presidential address, spoke about how transplantation emphasizes the common humanity of all people, as we would see if we looked at the earth from the moon:

The auditorium was a big is what it looked like before it filled up:

Here's a video of an interview I gave after my talk.

And here's a video of an interview with clips from my talk, set to music...

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