Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kidney transplantation in Nepal

From (the blog) The Kidney Doctor, comes these remarks and links on kidney transplantation in Nepal. They surely apply to other countries as well, since many countries have laws against living donor transplants from unrelated donors.

The first kidney transplant program in Nepal was launched in 2009 by Dr. Dibya Singh Shah at Tribhuban University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) with the help of an Australian transplant surgeon. Over 200 transplants have been performed, but these are exclusively living related. Launching and maintaining a quality kidney transplantation has been a heroic effort on the part of Dr. Dibya Singh. Many in her place would probably not pulled off what she has done. 

However, more needs to be done. No living unrelated transplants are allowed under Nepalese law and there is no deceased donor program. 

 The government of Nepal needs to change it's policy on unrelated donor transplantation. By not allowing this to happen, a sizable number of patients are denied the opportunity of receiving a transplant and a new lease on life. It is a pity that the price of avoiding a small number of bad actors doing commercially motivated transplantation in Nepal means patients who have an unrelated donor being unable to undergo transplantation. It doesn't seem either feasible or sensible to limit a whole country to an approach that is essentially driven by fear. 


Anonymous said...

First Kidney Transplant in Nepal was done in Nepal as early as 1996. Dr. Dibya Singh is not a surgeon neither she managed to get the first transplant one.
Dr. Pukar Shrestha who was trained transplant surgery in the UK resigned from his UK job to start transplant in Bir hospital on December 2008 is doing most of the transplant works in the country.
After garnishing support from his colleagues and social workers through a charity organization called Aarogya Foundation, he has established HLA lab which was one of the milestone in transplantion and more importantly organisning series of campaigns for both live and brain death organ donation and transplantation. His efforts is gradually being paid off- with the support from government, he has established 100 bedded dedicated multi organ transplant center in Bhaktapur which started functioning within 1 year of establishment and has successfully convinced the government to provide free dialysis for 1 year and 3 lac rupees assistance to kidney transplantees.
Besides his remarkable success rate on doing 118 kidney transplants so far, his recent activities have taken the Nepalese transplant programme to the highest level possible. He is initiating the first ever laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and CRRT service which are the most advances in any transplant center, the latter service also being very useful for the care of critical patients in the country.

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Al Roth said...

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Yogesh Raj said...
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