Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unravelling of product announcements--ahead of the new iPhone

Lucas Coffman points me to the following unravelling story (which I figured I had better post without further delay :)  Rivals Jostle Before Apple Announces New iPhone

"...technology companies are watching every one of Apple’s moves — and scrambling to get out in front of them.

"Several major tech companies are cramming product announcements into this holiday-shortened workweek.

"Nokia and Motorola Mobility, former leaders in the mobile race who are now also-rans, have scheduled events for Wednesday at which they are likely to announce new smartphones. And the next day, Amazon is expected to introduce new Kindle devices.

"Sony and Samsung, among others, got a jump on things last week with announcements of new tablets and phones at a consumer electronics conference in Berlin.

"But next week, the tech event calendar is largely blank — with the exception of an Apple news conference that is said to be scheduled for Sept. 12, where the company will reveal its latest iPhone, according to a person briefed on the company’s plans, who declined to be named because those plans had not yet been made public.

It seems that the rumor of an Apple announcement is having an effect on competitors’ announcements, unless it’s an amazing coincidence” that several events are scheduled this week and none the next, said Michael Gartenberg, a technology analyst at Gartner. "

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