Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kidney exchange in Europe

The Spanish transplant organization is attempting to collaborate with other European nations to create a bigger pool--a thicker marketplace--for kidney exchange.

España, Italia y Francia estudian hacer trasplantes en cadenaHay más de 162 parejas dispuestas para un trasplante renal cruzado | En junio se llevó a cabo el primer trasplante en cadena intercontinental

or, via Google translate:

Spain, Italy and France to study transplant chain There are more than 162 couples willing to cross a kidney transplant | In June he held the Intercontinental chain first transplant.

" At this time, according to data provided by this organization, there are 72 couples willing to cross a kidney transplant, while in France there are another 70 and Italy 20. ...
"The closing of this agreement would open the door to cross-border donation and transplantation in Europe (Spain had isolated interventions in Portugal) .
" Last June, the Alliance of Paired Donation agency reported the completion of the first transplant in U.S. international chain, incorporating two Greek citizens."

On the APD exchange between Greece and the U.S., see previous post here.

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