Friday, July 27, 2012

Video of my talk at Microsoft Research, New England

I gave a talk at MSR New England, to a fairly eclectic audience, so the talk isn't too technical (although it has technical flourishes:).

Random Graph Models in Kidney Exchange - Theoretical Developments and Practical Challenges (the movie), presented at MSR New England, July 25, 2012. The video runs an hour and a half, including the questions at the end.

It gives a quick history of kidney exchange developments, leading up to my recent work on random graphs with Itai Ashlagi, David Gamarnik (who was in the audience) and Mike Rees (who was probably doing a transplant while I spoke). And it ends with some discussion of repugnance--motivated by the laws against buying and selling organs for transplant.

Microsoft has come a long way towards mastering the art of presenting the video and the slides at the same can't see where I'm pointing with the laser pointer or with my hand (since that goes off camera), and when I backtrack on the slides you can seldom see it in the video, but the slides are presented in a way that's mostly well synchronized with the talk (until near the end), and the cameraman doesn't have to choose between the slides and the speaker. (I don't think you can hear the questions though, I'm wearing a microphone, but there wasn't one for the audience members.)  (I wrote the above paragraph after viewing on a large screen: when I viewed the same video on my laptop, and then again on an iPad I had a very different, much less satisfactory experience, and couldn't see the slides at all...:(

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