Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kidney exchange in Britain

David Manlove, who wrote in 2010 about Britain's first 3-way kidney exchange, writes today about work with his former student Gregg O'Malley:

" I thought you might be interested to see a paper that my colleague Dr Gregg O’Malley and I have recently written on our experience of collaborating with NHS Blood and Transplant on their paired and altruistic kidney donation matching scheme.  The paper is available in technical report form here: http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/publications/paperdetails.cfm?id=9383, and is to appear at SEA 2012 (http://sea2012.labri.fr).

As part of this research, Gregg has created two web applications for producing optimal solutions to kidney exchange problems.  The first, at http://kidney.optimalmatching.com, finds a solution that is optimal with respect to the precise criteria involved in the UK scheme.  The second, at http://toolkit.optimalmatching.com, is capable of accepting alternative optimality criteria (and comparing and contrasting simultaneously the effect of using different optimality criteria).

Although the web applications were built primarily with the UK application in mind, we hope that they may be interesting and useful for those involved in similar matching schemes elsewhere.

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