Thursday, January 5, 2012

Philosophy job market

Inside Higher Ed reports that a social reception called "the smoker" at the Philosophy job market meetings plays a semi-official role in hiring, with some interviews continuing there in the evening: Something’s Smoking. The story records that aspects of this make some women candidates uncomfortable.

Lest economists feel smug, this paragraph caught my eye, and reminded me of interviews in the hotel suites (and sometimes simple hotel rooms when those run out) at the ASSA meetings:

"Rebecca Kukla, a philosophy professor at Georgetown University, said the event was socially problematic for women, not unlike another former practice at some APA conferences (and those of other disciplinary meetings) where job candidates were interviewed in hotel rooms and sometimes had to sit on a hotel bed while being interviewed. That practice was stopped a few years ago, and interviews are now held in suites or in ballrooms."

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