Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Market design at Aarhus University in Denmark

The Center for Research in the Foundations of Electronic Markets is having an inaugural conference, Oct. 13-15.

The full program is here.
The first three sessions touch on a number of themes that readers of this blog will recognize:

Wednesday, October 13, 12.30 to 17.30

Session Chair Ivan Damgård
12.30-13.15 – Hervé Moulin, Rice University: Impartial decision among peers
13.15-14.00 – Peter Bogetoft, Copenhagen Business School: Missing Markets
14.00-14.45 – Jens Leth Hougaard, Copenhagen University: Rationing with rights

Session Chair Peter Bro Miltersen
15.15-16.00 – Felix Fischer, Harvard University: Mechanisms for Large-Scale Kidney Exchanges
16.00-16.45 – Lance Fortnow, Northwestern University: Bounding Rationality by Computational Complexity
16.45-17.30 – Kevin Leyton-Brown, University of British Columbia: Computational Mechanism Analysis

Thursday, October 14, 9.30 to 18:00
Session Chair Peter Bogetoft
09.30-10.15 – David Parkes, Harvard University: Mechanism Design and Accounting to Enable Efficient Peer Production and Spectrum Sharing (joint work with Ian Kash (Harvard), Michel Meulpolder (TU Delft), Rohan Murty (Harvard), Jie Tang (UC Berkeley) and Sven Seuken (Harvard))
10.15-11.00 – Ivan Damgård, Aarhus University: How to compute securely – even if you trust no one but yourself

It looks like Aarhaus is a happening place this week.

HT: Noam Nisan at AGT.

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