Friday, April 30, 2010

It's 20 years since 1990 (and there's a conference to prove it)

A conference with the daunting title
Roth and Sotomayor: Twenty Years After has been organized at Duke next week by Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Parag Pathak, Tayfun Sonmez, William Thomson, and Utku Unver.

It turns out they're referring to our book*, not our demise. The conference website comes with a schedule and a list of participants.

I have to admit that 1990 doesn't seem so long ago to me, although a lot of game theory and market design has happened in the interval.

*This book: Roth, A.E. and M. Sotomayor Two-Sided Matching: A Study in Game-Theoretic Modeling and Analysis, Econometric Society Monograph Series, Cambridge University Press, 1990. (Winner of the 1990 Lanchester Prize.) Paperback edition, 1992.

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