Sunday, October 19, 2008

Market for drugs in Naples

The Times of London writes of the drug market in Naples, where market norms are breaking down.

Apparently the proverbial honor among thieves has its limits:
"The viciousness appalled even high-ranking crime bosses. Targeting innocent relatives of clan members is supposedly against the unwritten rules of Italy’s mafias. The Camorra syndicates of the area, however, had little time for niceties when they saw their status as rulers of Europe’s single biggest drugs market threatened. "

One of the bosses reflects "“There is a big difference between now and then, between my generation and the one coming of age now,” he says, drawing heavily on a cigarette. “There is too much money at stake. As a result there are no more values, no more rules or principles. Before, people kept their word and answered for their actions. We called them men of consequence. But now everyone wants to become a boss. Any young punk wants to have power, wants to be someone. They make a mess of things and don’t want to carry responsibility. "

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