Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Britain votes to allow human-animal hybrids

On the repugnant transaction front, the Telegraph reports that after considerable debate, MPs vote to allow human-animal hybrids

"Following a landmark Commons vote, Britain will become one of a handful of countries in the world to encourage ground-breaking research by implanting human cells into an egg taken from an animal, usually a rabbit.
Pro-life MPs warned that the step could lead to the creation of half-human, half-ape "humanzees" or "minotaurs" - a claim denied by the Department of Health.
Hybrids - called "admixed embryos" by the scientific community - are banned in at least 21 countries, but scientists believe that they could be used to find cures for dozens of serious conditions, from heart disease to dementia.
MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill after being told that it could revolutionise the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, bringing to a close one of the most bitter Parliamentary wrangles of recent years. "

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