Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Job market for couples

Two-career households are an important part of the labor force, particularly in academia. Hiring them can be part of a department or school's strategy. See Law Schools Hiring Faculty Couples, from Brian Leiter's Law School Reports.

(Note to students: we'll be covering couples in the medical labor market in either lecture 2 or 3....see
Roth, A.E., "The Evolution of the Labor Market for Medical Interns and Residents: A Case Study in Game Theory," Journal of Political Economy, 92, 1984, 991-1016.
Roth, A. E. and Elliott Peranson, "The Redesign of the Matching Market for American Physicians: Some Engineering Aspects of Economic Design," American Economic Review, 89, 4, September, 1999, 748-780.

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