Friday, September 26, 2008

Incentives for kidneys

AAKP Supports Bill to Clarify Law Regarding Incentives for Organ Donations

The American Association of Kidney Patients writes to the Senate, saying
“As the waiting list for organs grows ever longer, it is time to allow government controlled trials of financial incentives to help increase the number of organ donors. A financial incentive is not necessarily a cash payment: for example, a donor could receive something as simple as lifelong health insurance, or families could receive funeral benefits for the deceased donors.”

The New York Sun has an article on the bill to be introduced by Senator Arlen Spector (the Organ Donation Clarification Act of 2008). The article says of the bill "It faces little opposition, and could pass when Congress returns in November or next year. "
Aside from the fact that the Senate is a bit busy right now, based on my observations of repugnance and how it sometimes constrains markets, I'm guessing that the assessment of little opposition will not prove to be correct.

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