Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Fentanyl test strips save lives. Why do Kansas and Missouri ban them?

 You can imagine a world, with virtually no drug abuse, in which we would want to inhibit the recreational use of fentanyl and so might outlaw tools that might promote it.  But that isn't the world we live in, and instead simple tests for the presence of fentanyl can save lives by preventing fatal accidental overdoses.

Here's an editorial bemoaning the fact that these tests are sometimes banned.

Simple, cheap fentanyl test strips save lives. Why do Kansas and Missouri ban them? BY THE KANSAS CITY STAR EDITORIAL BOARD

 "As the Kansas and Missouri legislative sessions come to a close, there’s at least one more matter lawmakers in both states should attend to. They could save lives with tiny strips of paper that can detect the presence of fentanyl in recreational drugs. 

"Fentanyl test strips are designed to prevent people from overdosing on illegal recreational drugs that have been spiked with potentially fatal amounts of the synthetic opioid fentanyl. 

"Overdose deaths have risen to well over 100,000 a year in the United States. Synthetic opioids — primarily fentanyl — are the primary reason for the overall increase in total drug overdose deaths, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. 


"But in some states, including Kansas and Missouri, the strips are considered drug paraphernalia and are not legal. Now there are proposals before both state legislatures to decriminalize them. This is not a partisan issue, and no one should oppose this move."

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