Friday, October 23, 2020

Information for those in need of a kidney donor, from Harvey Mysel, founder of the Living Kidney Donors Network

Here's an announcement from Harvey Mysel, the founder of the Living Kidney Donors Network, about information available for people in need of a kidney transplant.

 Living Kidney Donors Network has released its new FREE online program Having Your Donor Find YOU! for those who need or will need a kidney transplant. That may seem like an unusual title, but that’s what really happens. You get the word out and someone will be motivated to help you…your donor finds you. 

The program’s 3 goals are to:

  1. Motivate someone in need to pursue a living donor
  2. Overcome the myth that you need to ASK someone to donate
  3. Explain that it’s all about sharing YOUR STORY and the importance of having advocates share it too.

 Having Your Donor Find YOU! consists of 9 videos, each under 3 minutes with Supporting Resources that helps you develop the campaign that’s outlined in the videos. The program will soon be available in Spanish

 Should you be involved with an organization that would like to offer the program to your patients or followers, you can have your own URL: Here’s an example: 

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