Saturday, February 25, 2017

Interview on Who Gets What and Why: American Monetary Association, Jason Hartman

This interview was conducted some time ago, but I just now saw the link...and listening to it just now, it seems to me that we had a pretty interesting discussion.
(the link at the title below will take you to the podcast...)

AMA 126 – Who Gets What and Why, The New Economics of Matchmaking & Market Design with Alvin Roth

Jason Hartman talks with Alvin Roth, Craig & Susan McGaw Professor of Economics at Stanford and author of “Who Gets What and Why”
Key Takeaways
[5:28] – what aspect of the real estate market surprises him the most
[11:45] – The market of organ donation
[16:24] Repugnant Transactions
[20:51] Government’s role in contracts
[24:56] Signals and two kinds of messages we send

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