Friday, December 2, 2016

New Zealand's new Compensation for Live Organ Donors Bill

Here's the link to the new New Zealand legislation on removing disincentives from kidney donation, sent by  Frank McCormick.

Compensation for Live Organ Donors Bill (formerly titled Financial Assistance for Live Organ Donors Bill)
The purpose of this Act is to remove a financial deterrent to the donation of organs by live donors.

9Who are qualifying donors
A person is a qualifying donor in relation to a donor surgery if, on application under Part 3, the Director-General is satisfied that—
the person will forgo earnings as a result of taking unpaid leave or otherwise ceasing employment to allow for his or her recuperation from the surgery; and
both the donor surgery and the surgery to implant the organ will be carried out in New Zealand; and
the recipient of the organ is eligible to receive services funded under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000; and
the organ will be collected, implanted, and dealt with lawfully.
For the purposes of subsection (1)(d), the Director-General may assume the organ will be collected, implanted, and dealt with lawfully in the absence of information to the contrary.

Entitlement to earnings compensation while recuperating

10Qualifying donors entitled to earnings compensation for up to 12 weeks while recuperating


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