Tuesday, October 11, 2016

John F. Nash, Jr.'s 1994 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences medal and memorabilia: Auction at Sotheby's

 Here's the auction page:
John F. Nash, Jr.'s 1994 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 
17 OCTOBER 2016 | 2:00 PM EDT | NEW YORK,
Estimate  2,500,000 — 4,000,000  USD.

There are some essays and paragraphs from colleagues and relatives at the auction link.
Here's a 3 minute video from Sotheby's, advertising the auction...

I'm guessing that this results page means that the auction closed without a sale (perhaps because the reserve price was not reached...):

JOHN F. NASH, JR.'S 1994 NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMIC SCIENCES October 17, 2016 Sale Number N09586 Sale Total (Including Buyer's Premium) 0 USD

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Unknown said...

One should hope a museum at Princeton would take it off his estate's hands.