Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jim Friedman, 1936-2016

Andrej Svorencik conveys the sad news in a post to the ESA mailing list:

"it has come to my attention that Jim Friedman passed away earlier this year after a short illness.

Although he is best known in the wider economics community for his contributions to game theory, he was an early adopter of the experimental method. He graduated from Yale in 1963 where he wrote one of the earliest economics dissertations that used experiments. His research on oligopoly experiments continued throughout the 1960s and culminated in joint work with Austin Hoggatt. Their research was conducted in a computerized lab at Berkeley and eventually appeared under the title 'An Experiment in Noncooperative Oligopoly' as a supplement to the first volume of the series Research in Experimental Economics a decade later in 1980.

He was a Fellow of the Econometric Society and served as associate editor of Econometrica from 1975–81.

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