Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Report on the AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct

Here is the new AAU report on sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

It focuses on non-consensual sexual conduct, and some of the questions reflect evolving notions of (affirmative) consent.

Here's one bit:

"Since you have been a student at [University], has someone had contact with you involving penetration or oral sex without your active, ongoing voluntary agreement? Examples include someone:
 initiating sexual activity despite your refusal
 ignoring your cues to stop or slow down
 went ahead without checking in or while you were still deciding
 otherwise failed to obtain your consent

"Females and those identifying as TGQN were the most likely to be victimized by this type of tactic. For example since enrolling at the IHE, 11.4 percent of undergraduate females and 14.8 percent of undergraduates who identify as TGQN were victimized by this tactic compared to 2.4 percent of males."

"TGQN = Transgender, Genderqueer or non-conforming, questionning or not listed."

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