Thursday, October 17, 2013

New sources of data for selecting who to hire

Aki Ito has written another story at Bloomberg News about job matching using new kinds of data (the headline is a little misleading though): Machines Gauging Your Star Potential Automate HR Hiring

"A handful of technology companies from Corp. to Evolv Inc. are ... developing video games and online questionnaires that measure personality attributes in a job applicant. Based on patterns of how a company’s best performers responded in these assessments, the software estimates a candidate’s suitability to be everything from a warehouse worker to an investment bank analyst.
"“People are our biggest resource, and right now a lot of them are mismatched,” said [Erik] Brynjolfsson, who specializes in research on information technology and productivity and is an advisor to Knack. “If you put the right kind of person in the right task, it’s good for that person and it’s good for the company.”
"“You have this enormous pool of people that’s being missed because of the way the entire industry goes after the same kinds of people, asking, did you go to Stanford, did you work at this company?” said Erik Juhl, head of talent at Vungle Inc., a San Francisco-based video advertising startup, and formerly a recruiter at Google Inc. and LinkedIn Corp. “You miss what you’re looking for, which is -- what is this person going to bring to the table?”

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